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  • Update to the Recommended Reading List: Drift into Failure: From Hunting Broken Components to Understanding Complex Systems

  • May 22nd Dave Strobhar offered the workshop Modularizing Emergency Procedures for Increased Ease of Use and Updating at ATPM 2012

  • The COP attended the ATPM 2012 Conference which was held at the Lone Star Community Building and Conference Center, The Woodlands, Texas, May 21-23. This new conference focused on applying automation and control technology in process manufacturing.

  • The COP hosted Booth #31 at ABB’s Automation and Power World in Houston April 23 - 26 to help others learn more about the COP and human factors research

  • April 25th at ABB’s Automation and Power World Dave Strobhar offered the workshop: Collaborative research to improve the performance of process control operators